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  Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Doors
Are automatic doors safe?
Automatic doors have an outstanding safety record. There are more than 50 billion safe door openings and closings every year in the US alone. You will find automatic doors offering accessibility and convenience at airports, hospitals, and retail stores everywhere. With proper installation, annual inspections by AAADM certified inspectors and daily safety checks by premise owners automatic doors provide safe and convenient access for everyone who has ever struggled with a manual door while carrying a package or if the person is handicapped or elderly.

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What is AAADM?
AAADM stands for The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.

They are a trade association of manufactures of automatic pedestrian door systems. They were founded in 1994 to promote safety in the manufacture and operation of automatic doors. They are dedicated to providing consumer awareness as well as the education and certification of automatic door maintenance personnel. To learn more about automatic doors and AAADM contact them at aaadm@aaadm.com. Click here for immediate access.

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How do automatic door inspectors get certified?
The American Association of Door Manufacturers has developed a certification and training program for inspectors and technicians. Classes are held on a regular basis all over the United States. AAADM Certified Inspectors are trained and qualified to conduct annual inspections in accordance with current industry standards.

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Do automatic doors have a safety standard?
All members od the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers make their automatic doorsd and components in compliance with The American National Standard for Power Operated Pedistrian Doors ANSI A156.10. This national consenses standard defines and governs such things as installation, sensing devices, and safety requirements for automatic pedestrian doors.

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How do the doors sense when someone is passing through them?
Monitoring sensors above the doors regulate door openings and closings. A properly maintained automatic door will not close if there is something or someone in the way.no matter what they are wearing. Naturely, though, people should exercise reasonable caution and keep moving when passing through automatic doors.

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What about annual inspections?
Automatic door systems should be checked annually by an inspector who has been certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. Through that annual inspection, the door system can be checked for compliance with the latest industry standards.

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